Robot Cat Loves Boxes is a simple Flash game created for Ludum Dare #32 (theme: "An Unconventional Weapon"). You are a lonely Robot Cat who longs to hang out in his favorite cardboard box. Unfortunately, a group of Robot Dogs would like nothing better than to spoil your fun by blowing your power cell to hell. Fight back with your power-charged cybermeow.

As with all Flash applications, you must first click the game to make it active. Then use arrow keys to move and space bar to launch your unconventional attack.

Graphics are in a mock NES style, though the number of colors in sprites and number of sprites on the screen likely wouldn't really work on a Nintendo.

Game is copyright 2015 by Dan Norder. The code will be posted per the rules of the game competition.

Link below includes a ZIP file with a Windows version of the game as well as the source code (in .mfa format).


Download 2 MB