A downloadable game

Created by Dan Norder

You are a ladybug who accidentally went into an ant hill and now have to fight off the endless swarms of enemies.

Arrow keys control movement and spacebar fires.

Kill all ants on screen and get bonus points. The ants are faster and more plentiful in each successive wave.

"Myrm" was created for the April 2014 Ludum Dare. The theme for the competition was "Beneath the Surface."

Per rules of the competition, all code, art and sounds were created within 48 hours. Source code (Clickteam Fusion 2.5 file) is included, also per the rules.

Though the code is included, this is not open source.

Install instructions

Download is a zip file. Once unzipped there is an .exe file, which is the game itself. Just double click that to play.

If you have Clickteam Fusion 2.5 you can open up the .mfa game to see how it was coded. (Because I only had 48 hours I just rushed through and didn't notate things properly or optimize the code.)


Myrm for Windows.zip 1 MB