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(UPDATED 3-2-14:There was an incompatibility in the old HTML5 code somewhere that prevented some players from using the keyboard properly. This is now in Flash to try to make it more dependable. Click the game window to make it active.)

In Candy Grab your hero must defeat the evil king, who has falsely claimed title to all the sugary sweets in the universe. To do this you must first avoid ice cream ghosts and other obstacles, collect candy hearts and find the keys to open the castle's doors. Once inside, you must ascend to meet your destiny and crush the candy-grabbing tyrant!

Use arrow keys to move, Ctrl key to jump.

This was created for Candy Jam to protest King.com's abuse of trademark law. The company whose biggest hit is a Bejeweled clone was so upset that other people were copying their copy that they applied for the trademark to the word "candy" (not just Candy Crush Saga, the actual title) and are serving up takedown notices and otherwise legally threatening other developers instead of competing fairly in the marketplace.

The game was built in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and is my first completed project. Most of the graphics are by Kenney and lumimae from OpenGameArt.org with some modifications. The music is "Break-A-Leg" by RoccoW (see more of his work at freemusicarchive.org/music/RoccoW).

Published Feb 10, 2014
StatusOn hold
Tagscandies, heart, jump, jumper, mmf2